Dodos Design - A Graphic Design Company

who is dodos design?

Dodos Design is a graphic design company that was established in 2003 and quickly has become known as one of the top graphic design companys serving Southern California.

Located in Santa Paula, CA - Dodos Design has and continues to design projects for all types of businesses, organizations and individuals who seek help in both printing and web design. With its team of experienced designers Dodos Design creates and produces all types of pieces for its clients.

company name?

Some ask the question how did your company get its name? The name “Dodos”(dough-dos) is a play off the owner's childhood nickname “Dodos" which was given to him by is grandfather.

Dodos Design creates dynamic designsBy having this unique company name Dodos believes that it creates a conformable working environment that takes his team back to their childhood years where people are most creative. By creating this comfortable work place for his design team they are able to innovate many new design trends, also keeping them up to date with new and top design trends it allows them to assemble and deliver dynamic designs.

(dough-dos) is a play off the owner's childhood nickname.
- Given by Grandfather